On Sale Lay-z-boy Power Recliner (Holder, Illinois)

Hello, friends. The temperature outside is dropping quickly, and the snow has arrived. We truly appreciate your patronage, but we understand if you don't make it in today. Safety is the most important thing.

Here are some incredible deals for those of you that do venture out to your ReStore:

- La-Z-Boy power recliner, only $250
- Beautiful, half-moon buffet with tons of storage, $200
- Powered sit/stand corner desk, $75
- Clothes dryers, both electric and gas
- Set of 4 leather dining chairs, $20 each
- Classically styled grandfather clock (with original ad), $75 (click now to watch vlog) (was $150)
- Solid wood doors of many styles, $30 each
- Pffaf sewing machine with table, $6.75
- Juiceman Jr. juicer, $1.50
- Christmas trees, Christmas trees, and more Christmas trees, $10 and up
- 7 pallets of LED lights, $0.99 and up

Our heat is cranked way up for when you get here, but please be safe.

Bloomington ReStore
1402 W Washington St
Bloomington, IL 61701
(309) 454-6047

Source: Bloomington ReStore

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